World's First On-device AI Camera for Home Security

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With the Intel deep learning technology and dual-way audio, Simcam can safeguard your home and help monitor your children and pets 27/4. Simcam can detect any human intruder within seconds with its 360º motorized gimbal and send alerts to your phone. 

24/7 Security with Ai

Simcam can detect any unknown human intruder within seconds and send alerts to your phone. Simcam can recognize your friends and family too, so no false alerts are sent when it detects pets, trees, or curtains movements. 

No False Alert

Recognize Recurrent Faces

Since Simcam can recognize your friends and family, you have the option to turn-off notifications for familiar faces.

Find All History At A Glance

Looking for a specific moment? Efficiency is the name of the game when you have days of footage to rummage through. With Simcam’s app, it automatically organizes all your footage by name, detection type, date, and time. Easily browse through all days of footage in minutes with the Simcam app. 

With the built-in Intel AI chipset, Simcam can record and analyze images simultaneously on the local device, which adds no additional Cloud fees for you. our privacy will never be compromised and poor internet connections will not affect a thing.

Free Local Storage

With Sony’s IMX 1/2.3" 5-megapixel image sensor, Simcam can capture detail-riched photos and videos of your home. The system is IP65 waterproof to weather any environment and automatically switches to its starlight level night vision at dusk to give you full visibility of your home day and night.  

All-Round Recording

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Why Simcam is a Must Have?

Not only can the Simcam come with all the features above, we also give you the power to customize it with our open SDK. Take advantage of the Intel A.I. chipset by personalizing our Simcam and transform it into a Google Clips camera, smart home hub, or even a pet or baby monitor. Simcam provides the Magic that can grant all your wishes. 

Magic SDK

Security, especially home security, is a serious matter and we’ve taken all the precautionary steps. The Simcam’s SD card is bolted in with screws. Even If intruders succeed in destroying the Simcam, it automatically notifies the owner via phone and will stay alert for 5 minutes.  

Think Ahead

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Simcam Revo Intel Inside

With 12 cores Intel Movidius module, 10X the video processing speed comes with a powerful deep neural network.