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First On-device AI camera for Smart Home

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With the Intel deep learning technology and dual-way audio, Simcam can safeguard your home and help monitor your children and pets 27/4. Simcam can detect any human intruder within seconds with its 360º motorized gimbal and send alerts to your phone. 

You can customize your alerts to get notifications if strangers or even just specific objects, like your car or mailbox, are touched or removed. Of course, Simcam won’t send any alerts when known family members are detected. Simcam is your first line of defense to keep your home and family safe.

24/7 Security

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Private Yet Accessible

Simcam incorporates a 1080P HD 24/7 local video storage, supports up to 20 days of recording, and has the best-in-class 5MP photos instead of Cloud syncing to safeguard your privacy. It even has HD night vision to see everything clearly in the dark. With Simcam’s app, pull up any footage with just a click with it’s organized timestamps and thumbnails. Best of all, all these services are FREE of charge!

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A Home Assistant

Use Magic to customize the functions you need for your home, like installing motion detection in your nursery to be aware of all your baby’s movements. When monitoring designated areas, Simcam will alert you if objects move or when new objects entered the area. Even easier, connect it to Alexa or the Google Assistant for convenient Simcam control. 

With it’s IP65 Waterproof feature, it is still fully functional even at 5ºF. Simcam is ready for whatever may come its way, figuratively and literally. Livestream from Simcam’s cameras and have access to your home even when you’re not there.

Simcam Revocam Intel Inside
Simcam Revo Intel Inside

With 12 cores Intel Movidius module, 10X the video processing speed comes with a powerful deep neural network.

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